Delivering effective treatment for your asthma patients and cost improvements for your practice

In a large, UK-based, retrospective study of 2,472 asthma patients, real world evidence showed that initiating or changing to flutiform is associated with:

  • Comparable efficacy – flutiform was non-inferior to Seretide® Evohaler® for severe exacerbation prevention*
  • flutiform was associated with significantly lower respiratory-related health care resource cost (median £351 vs £399 per annum, p<0.001).1

Data from 618 patients initiated on flutiform, or changed to flutiform from Seretide® Evohaler®, were matched in a 1:3 ratio with data from 1,854 similar patients initiated on, or continuing, Seretide® Evohaler®. Asthma control and healthcare costs were compared over the course of one year.

Read the Yau M et al, 2017 paper in full here

*Asthma control was defined as having no severe exacerbations during the one-year study period. Severe exacerbations were defined as an unscheduled hospital admission, emergency department or out-of-hours attendance for asthma, an acute course of oral steroids, or a GP consultation for a lower respiratory tract infection.

Switch success with flutiform

In a retrospective database study of the real-life effectiveness of flutiform, 88% of patients switched successfully to flutiform from Seretide® Evohaler®.2

Of the 164 patients changing their therapy to flutiform, 88.4% had at least 1 further flutiform prescription 6 months following the change. Change success was defined as ≥70% of patients receiving ≥1 prescriptions of flutiform in the 6 months following therapy change (not including first prescription). flutiform is licensed for asthma maintenance therapy for patients 12 years and older (low and medium strengths), adults (all strengths).


  1. Yau Ming SW, Haughney J, Small I, et al. Initiating or changing to a fixed-dose combination of fluticasone propionate/formoterol over fluticasone propionate/salmeterol: a real-life effectiveness and cost impact evaluation. Respir Med 2017;129:199--206.
  2. Lim D, Small I, et al. Real world effectiveness of changing fixed-dose combination therapy from Seretide MDI to flutiform in UK asthma patients. Late breaking abstract presented at the 7th World Conference to the International Primary Care Respiratory Group; 2014 May 21-24; Athens, Greece.