Why Choose flutiform?

Why Choose flutiform?

Drug Delivery

flutiform – Delivers high total lung deposition

  • In real-life some everyday asthma patients inhale rapidly, others inhale slowly1
  • flutiform delivers total lung deposition of up to 44% of labelled dose with deposition throughout central and peripheral airways (estimated by Functional Respiratory Imaging [in vitro studies])1, even if patients have a fast or slow inspiratory flow rate.2



Adapted from Van Holsbeke C et al. 20141 Error bars represent standard deviation. Estimated by Functional Respiratory Imaging. Peripheral: Airway diameter <1–2mm (after ~9th generation of bronchioles). 3D airway models of the lungs were created from CT scans in 6 asthma patients treated with an ICS/LABA combination therapy.1


flutiform – Delivers a consistently high fine particle fraction

  • The efficacy of an inhaled drug is affected by deposition in the lungs and lung deposition is related to the fine particle fraction (FPF)2
  • flutiform delivers a high and consistent in vitro FPF of ≈ 40% at fast and slow inhalation flow rates2



Read the Johal B et al, 2013 paper in full here


flutiform has comparable efficacy* with a faster onset of action than Seretide® Evohaler®3,4.

* Based on a 12 -week open-label non-inferiority study in patients of 18 years and over using 50/5μg strengths only; primary endpoint FEV₁, P=0.007 demonstrating non-inferiority, secondary endpoint FEV₁, P=0.001.

flutiform is licensed for asthma maintenance therapy. Not for acute symptom relief.5



Read the Aalbers R et al, 2012 paper in full here

Read the Bodzenta-Lukaszyk, 2011 paper in full here


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