flutiform – a familiar device that’s simple to train everyday asthma patients to use1

50/5 <span class="lowercase">μg</span>

50/5 μg

Adults and adolescents
(≥12 years)


125/5 <span class="lowercase">μg</span>

125/5 μg

Adults and adolescents
(≥12 years)


250/10 <span class="lowercase">μg</span>

250/10 μg

Adults only
(≥18 years)


When using an MDI without a dose counter, up to 40% of patients believe that they are taking their medication when they are actuating an empty or near empty MDI2

flutiform has a patient facing colour-coded dose indicator3 – designed to help medication compliance

Each inhaler contains 120 actuations and the dosing schedule is two puffs, twice daily.3


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